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About the company

«CBS Construction» is a company that, since its inception, has worked on a large number of projects across a wide range and has experience in various fields. «CBS Construction» is a design, engineering, construction and management company. Our company operates in various fields, has a wide portfolio of projects and meets the requirements of its clients. The main activities and features of our construction company are described in detail below:

Areas of activity of our company:
1. Concrete formwork is one of the important processes that lays the foundation for the quality and durability of construction. These stages are generally applicable processes for projects implemented in the territory of Azerbaijan.
2. Insulation works include measures to protect buildings and constructions from weather conditions and temperature changes.
3. Facade works include the design and repair of the front side of buildings, the projects carried out to increase energy supply and achieve aesthetic appearance.
4. Front-window work refers to the area dealing with the installation and repair of window and front systems in buildings.
5. Floor concrete epoxy work involves the creation of floor structures to protect against pests and temperature changes using epoxy material.
6. Artificial lakes are generally water regions built for the purpose of beautifying the environment, providing water supply and creating a natural lake effect.
7. Special earthworks include building infrastructure on the land according to the project.
8. Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures includes the use of these materials in the construction of structures.
9. Installation of metal structures is carried out for construction and repair of metal structures in industrial and construction projects.
10. Installation of wooden structures involves the creation of aesthetic and functional structures using wood material in construction projects.
11. Engineering-communication and network construction works include measures for the construction and repair of water, electricity and communication infrastructures.
12. Hydrotechnical works is a field of construction applied for the management, supply and provision of water. These works cover a wide spectrum and include areas such as water engineering, harbor and shore fortification, underwater engineering and reservoirs.
13. Road construction is an important construction site for the proper organization of the area for effective transportation. These works cover various transport infrastructures, from highways to railway lines, from tramways and trolleybuses to airport runways.
14. Bridges, flyovers and overpasses are constructions designed to connect spaces at different levels in the area. These constructions are built to transmit and connect water transport, roads and other infrastructure elements.
15. In the process of construction and installation of special facilities, power transmission lines play an important role in the field of energy. At this stage, the main goal is to ensure the supply of electricity and manage the energy systems effectively.

The main goal of our company is the constant increase in the volume of high-level constructions that meet modern construction standards and the needs of potential buyers. «CBS Construction» implements its projects in a safe and comfortable manner that meets the requirements of its clients by providing professional engineering, effective management and quality construction services.