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Special earthworks

Special earthworks cover the areas organized for the preparation of the area and the implementation of technical measures. These jobs ranged in scope and required mostly engineering and construction expertise. Jobs may include:

1.1. fixing anchors into the soil and constructing buildings by the "wall in soil" method:
Fixing anchors to the ground and constructing buildings using the "wall in soil" method is one of the most important elements of the construction process. This process includes the following stages:

Installation of anchors: Anchors are attached to the soil to strengthen and stabilize the building foundation. This ensures that the building structure is stable and durable.
Earth wall construction: The "earth wall" method, which involves raising building walls above their foundations in the ground, allows buildings to harmonize with the natural landscape and surroundings.

1.2. construction of landing wells and caissons:
Preparation of landing wells and caissons according to the requirements of the area and the project. Important elements for the construction of technical equipment are:

Construction of downwells: Downwells are special holes designed for the placement of supply and power cables needed during the construction process.
Building caissons: caissons are protective structures used on a construction site to provide environmental safety and to build supplies to store building materials.

These special earthworks are essential and important steps in construction projects to prepare the site, ensure its stability and build the required infrastructure.