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Facade works

Facade work is one of the most striking parts of a building. It helps to create an aesthetic and functional image. Below you will find a detailed text covering the stages and basic principles related to facade works:

Mechanically ventilated facade:
Mechanical-ventilated facade is a system that gives an aesthetic and functional image to the front of the building, and increases weather resistance and insulation capacity. This system forms a skin-like covering that protects the face of the building. A ventilation gap is then created under this cover, which helps to increase the insulation and energy efficiency of the building.

Mounting facade:
Installation facade is a method to get an aesthetic and functional image to the front of the building. This method is implemented by applying mounting panels or structures to the south, north, east and west parts of the building. These panels and structures protect the face of the building and hold the insulating material underneath.

Tarsofka-decorative plaster painting works:
Tarsofka is a type of decorative plaster material that helps to give the facade of the building an aesthetic appearance and durability. This material protects the face of the building, gives a special aesthetic look to the building side with a variety of design and color options.

Facade works determine the basic aesthetic image of a building and at the same time help to protect the structures of the building. The method and material used are selected depending on the building type, purpose and design requirements.