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Hydrotechnical works

Hydrotechnical works is a field of construction applied to the management, provision and supply of water. These works cover a wide spectrum and include areas such as water engineering, harbor and shore fortification, underwater engineering and reservoirs.

Underwater technical works:
Underwater development, maintenance and repair works.
Submarine cable and cable laying works.
Subsea placement of drilling equipment.

Construction of dams (earth dams):
Design and installation of earth dams and dams.
Construction of structures that regulate water transport and protect against floods.

Construction of ports:
Design and construction of port structures.
Construction of sea and oil ports, iron yards and loading and unloading terminals.

Construction of piers:
Installation of piers built on water and used for mooring and supporting marine vehicles.

Embankment works:
Carrying out embankment works to secure sea and lake shores.
Construction works for protection of coastal areas from water level.

Construction and repair of water tanks.
Construction and management of reservoirs.

Hydrotechnical works constitute an important area for the safe management of water resources and the development of water infrastructure.