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Concrete formwork

Concrete formwork involves the process of effectively preparing, installing and maintaining concrete, which is the most basic and important material in the field of construction and construction. These works play an important role in laying the foundations for the stability and quality of construction structures. Concrete formwork is described in detail in the following articles under the relevant measures and processes of work:

Start the process:
Concrete formwork begins on the basis of a predetermined project or construction plan. Based on the requirements of the project and the construction program, it is planned to prepare and build the concrete structures according to the composition.

Preparation of concrete:
The preparation of concrete includes the selection of the optimal mix components for the specified plant according to specific programs and regulations, and the achievement of the specified strength and dryness. In the preparation of concrete, it is required to add sand, mud, water and iron bubbles.

Formwork preparation is important for proper shaping and setting of concrete. Correct installation of the formwork ensures that the concrete is assembled according to the project.

Armature placement:
Reinforcement placement to increase the durability of concrete. This helps to increase the structural stability of the concrete and reduce cracking.

Durability and Safety measures:
During concrete formwork, attention is paid to the principles of durability and safety. It ensures compliance of these structures with program requirements, standards and construction safety regulations.

Concrete formwork is one of the important processes that lay the foundation for the quality and durability of construction. These stages are generally applicable processes for projects implemented in the territory of Azerbaijan. Details vary by project and field, as each project can be independent and meet specific requirements.