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Construction of bridges, flyovers and overpasses

Bridges, flyovers and overpasses are constructions designed to connect spaces at different levels in the area. These constructions are built to transmit and connect water transport, roads and other infrastructure elements. The main stages covered by the work are the following:

Area analysis and planning:
Analyzing the construction area and preparing the optimal plan for the construction of a bridge overpass or road overpass.

Foundation construction:
Excavation and construction of foundations for bridges and piers located on the construction site or above water.

Installation of bridge and pier piers:
Poles are installed and secured in designated places on bridge and pier structures.

Aesthetics and works of art:
Ensuring the aesthetic and artistic appearance of the building, ensuring its compatibility with the surrounding landscape.

Road and infrastructure installation:
The installation of road and surrounding infrastructure elements on bridges and overpasses ensures the continuity and safety of transport

Final test:
Final testing and acceptance of construction, ensuring compliance with standards and safety.

Bridges, flyovers and overpasses are important constructions to connect different levels of space in the area and provide transportation. They must be built in an efficient and safe manner that meets the requirements of heat, light road, duty and visual arts.