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Installation of wooden structures

The installation of wooden structures involves the use of wood, a natural and fast-growing material, for fast and efficient construction mechanisms. This process is applied with the aim of creating harmony with the surrounding landscape, ensuring the use of environmentally friendly materials and supporting rapid construction processes. The stages of installation of wooden structures are as follows.

Preparatory works:
Preparation and security of the construction site.
Preparation of project design and plan.

Foundation installation:
Excavation and installation of the foundation in the area where the wooden structure will be supported.

Installation of the wooden frame:
Columns and beams made of wood provide the main stability for the structure.

Floors and ceilings:
Wooden floors and ceilings are installed. It supports the loads of these spaces and gives an aesthetic look to the ceilings.

Walls and interiors:
Walls and interior spaces are installed inside the wooden constructions being built.

Final test:
Stages necessary for the blinding and stability of wooden structures are applied. Final tests ensure that construction meets standards.

The installation of wooden constructions achieves the creation of modern and distinctive constructions with an aesthetic appearance and the use of natural materials.