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Front-window work

Facade-window works are important construction measures to ensure the aesthetic appearance of a building and at the same time to increase insulation safety. Detailed information on these capped or silicone veneers is provided below:

Covered or Silicone fronts:
Covered or silicone facade work is a measure aimed at increasing the durability and energy efficiency of facade-window systems. These works are carried out by covering the front windows or applying silicone.

Cover front works:
Covered fronts are usually equipped with an aluminum or PVC cover. This cap helps to apply the depth of the windshield and increase its stability. This measure is used in public buildings, offices or apartments where sound and safety are important.

Front works with silicone:
Silicone facade work is a construction measure to protect building facades, prevent water leaks and increase insulation safety. This process includes preparation of the front, selection of suitable silicone, application of silicone and aesthetic measures. Silicone facade works increase the stability of building facade structures and provide an effective insulation measure for the building.

These works help to increase the energy efficiency of the building, keep the heating inside and extend the life of the front-window systems. Capped and silicone facings combine insulation and aesthetics on the construction site.