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Construction and installation of special facilities

In the process of construction and installation of special facilities, power transmission lines play an important role in the field of energy. At this stage, the main goal is to ensure the supply of electricity and manage the energy systems effectively. The main stages covered by the work are the following:

Area analysis and planning:
Analyzing the construction area and preparing the optimal plan for the installation of special equipment infrastructures.

Basic construction of electrical installations:
Starting the construction of a facility for the provision of electric energy. This includes placing supplies in the energy sector, ensuring security and providing energy services.

Installation of electric transmission lines:
Installation of power transmission lines in infrastructures of special facilities for transmission of electric power. This includes the transmission of high or low voltage electrical energy.

Installation of equipment:
Installation of electricity supply. This includes the placement of transmitters, condensers and other power supply infrastructures.

Installation of cables:
Installation of cables necessary for the transmission of electricity. This includes the construction and installation of wide or underground cable routes in the area.

Safety work:
Taking various safety measures, installing protective devices and managing defense systems to ensure the safety of electric power.

Final test:
Ensuring the final testing and acceptance of construction standards and safety.

Power transmission lines are of fundamental importance for the provision of energy supply and ensure the efficient and safe operation of the infrastructure.