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Installation of metal structures

Installation of metal structures is an important process for the construction of stable and independent buildings and structures in the construction field. This process is applied in numerous engineering and construction projects and is used in many application areas such as freestanding buildings, bridges, factories, sports complexes. The main stages covered by the work are the following:

Preparatory works:
Construction site safety and site preparation.
Preparation of structural engineering and design plans for process and metal structure specification.

Foundation installation:
Excavation and installation of the foundation in the area where the metal structure will be supported.

Columns and beams:
Metal columns and beams ensure the stability of the building structure.

Floors are installed between supporting columns and beams. Floors distribute and support the loads of spaces on the structure.

Ceiling and walls:
Ceiling and walls supported by metal structure are installed. This provides additional support for the completion of the building structure.

Final test:
After the completion of the construction process, final tests are carried out for the building. This ensures the safety and stability of the building.

Installation of metal structures is an important step based on proper construction standards and engineering principles to create efficient and sustainable buildings and structures.