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Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is one of the most important and necessary measures in the construction field. This process plays a fundamental role in ensuring the construction of sustainable and safe buildings. The stages involved in the work are as follows:

Preparatory works:
Construction site safety and site preparation.
Excavation of foundations and gas foundations.

Installation of concrete structures:
Foundation installation: Concrete is used in the foundation of the building. The foundation ensures stability and stability of the building structure.
Columns and Beams: Columns and beams are installed on the foundation. These elements distribute the loads of the building structure and increase its stability.
Floors: Floors are installed between columns and beams. Floors support offices and other spaces.

Installation of reinforced concrete structures:
Installation of reinforced concrete frames: Reinforced concrete frames are installed to increase the stability of the building structure.
Reinforced concrete panels: Reinforced concrete panels can be installed on the exterior and interior walls of the building. This helps to ensure the stability of the building.

Final test:
After the completion of the construction process, final tests are carried out for the building. This ensures the safety and stability of the building.

The installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures ensures the achievement of safe and sustainable buildings based on the construction standards set according to the project requirements and building functions.