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Engineering-communication and network construction works

The construction of engineering-communication and networks is an important construction area that forms the basis of modern infrastructure and provides technological development in the field of communication. These works have a wide spectrum and cover various infrastructure areas such as electricity, telecommunications, water supply, gas and sewage. The main stages covered by the work are the following:

Preparatory works:
Construction site preparation and safety.
Preparation of engineering plans and project designs.

Electrical networks:
Network construction and development of energy infrastructures for electric services.
Installation of electrical cables and special devices.

Telecommunication networks:
Development of infrastructure for telephone, internet and telecommunication services.
Installation of telephone and data cable systems.

Water supply and sewage networks:
Installation of networks for provision of drinking water and brackish water.
Construction and supply of sewage systems.

Final test:
Final testing and acceptance of construction works.
Ensuring effective operation of systems and networks.

Construction of engineering-communication and networks ensures effective management of the surrounding infrastructure, development in the field of communication and provision of basic energy supplies such as heat, water and gas.